Every brand starts from an idea shaped by identity, culture, and competitive environment. It’s important to remember that your company is so much more than the logo on your business card. A brand gets its identity from its origin story. A brand’s origin story fosters a connection with consumers and potential consumers in a manner that conventional advertising cannot. A story can stir emotions and change lives. Stories are timeless. A successful brand story resonates with the audience. It appeals to the audience’s emotions while telling the audience what they need to know about the brand.

Brand origin stories are built on four pillars:
Purpose: The purpose of this company, the reason they stand for, and, what they want to achieve.
Brand values: The core values, and how the business shows these values through its actions, products, and services.
History: How did the business get started? Their struggles and how they overcame their challenges to reach where they are now.
Future: Where does the business envision itself in five and ten years? The way the company wants to evolve and change in the future to remain relevant.

There are a lot of stories of how a business and brands have come to be. From the story of brands like Coca-Cola, which gave out free drinks at the 1893 World’s Fair, to the story behind Levi’s, which started as a family-run dry goods business. What’s your origin story?

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