Almost from the time we are born, we learn who we are by our reflection in the thoughts of others. We form an image of the type of person we believe we are. As we uncover who we are, we also discover who we are not. There are two self-images in everyone’s head.

The majority of our favorite brands are a reflection of our better self-image. It symbolizes the ideas, feelings, and actions of the person we want to be. We love brands that help us in loving ourselves. This is why we feel strongly about owning them.

The tangible necessities that such loved brands meet are only excuses. A good branding strategy always focuses on the individual who uses the product. In other words, the user and the brand become one. This makes brand loyalty an act of self-love. As a result, the user becomes the hero of the brand narrative, not the brand or the product.

Effective branding always drives the consumer to make a choice. As opposed to choosing a product, the decision is more about embracing the brand and its universe of feelings, meanings, and emotions. Consumers are promised an imaginary universe unlike any other, where they become someone they’ve never been before.

Joan Khoury’s excellent thoughts on ‘Why Do We Love Brands?’¹ were the basis of my today’s blog.

¹Khoury, Joan. “Why Do We Love Brands?” Forbes,, 6 May 2013,

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