In the first quarter of this year, BeReal had 3.3 million downloads worldwide, a 390% increase from the Q4 quarter in 2021, according to Sensor Tower, a digital analytics platform, reported that it had 1.7 million installs during the week of July 11 alone, the heights weekly growth ever. BeReal is currently the top-ranked free app in the Apple App Store.

BeReal users are only allowed to capture one random photo every day and have two minutes to take the shot after getting the app notification. BeReal stimulates spontaneity and scarcity by restricting access to content engagement. Modern social media, such as Instagram and Snapchat, is centered on a stream of interactions and focused on perfection. They are, however, fast hopping on board. Instagram planned to offer Candid Challenges, and Snapchat debuted a Dual Camera feature. However, the question is what a brand marketer stands to gain from it.

Promise of Authenticity

The success of BeReal indicates that users are interested in authentic content. Although the BeReal app does not allow pay-to-play advertising options, Chipotle and other brands are coming up with creative ways to advertise their products and draw in users by leveraging the platform’s promise of authenticity. Today, people want authenticity from brands. They want a brand that tells the truth and is honest with them. People do not want a brand that always tries to sell them something or is too perfect for them. To avoid confusing the audience or giving them mixed messages about what a brand stands for, brands should also be consistent in their messaging.

Low-Effort Way To Check-In

BeReal does not compete with Instagram. It follows the same trend as Wordle — a brief shared online experience among a fragmented social web is made possible by the simultaneous push alert and posting time limit. Our friend probably does not care if we got the Wordle in four or five tries, but as a quick, inconspicuous way to stay in touch, we all have developed a habit of sharing our Wordle scores. Brands that create a shared experience with their customers are more likely to have customers return by building a sense of community and tribe. Brands that recognize the importance of developing a shared experience create hashtags that people can use on social media and post pictures or videos of their experience with the brand. BeReal for these brands is another low-effort way to check-in.

The popularity of BeReal is noteworthy for marketers because it indicates that consumers have a growing need for inherently non-addictive online social experiences. Today’s digital consumer values content quality over quantity. In a competitive market, having an authentic brand narrative, non-addictive social interactions, and a low-effort way to check in will help your brand stand out.

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