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As humans, we tend to group our things and ideas into boxes or categories. Many people in the world live in a box, thinking they can’t see life any other way. But what happens when you take this idea and turn it upside down? What would happen if we could see life from many different angles? By opening ourselves up with an open mind, we can escape from our boxes. We can’t be afraid of exploring new ideas and thoughts because we never know where it could lead us! This revelation is called liquid knowledge. As we explore more, we learn more about ourselves and others.

When I was younger, my father would teach me about the world. He would tell me stories and his experiences. Learning history and science with him was so much fun. There were no dry lectures or textbooks that bored me to death, just a conversation between two people who loved sharing their thoughts. We would talk for hours on end about anything and everything – our favorite books, what we liked to do during our last visit to Shantiniketan, how Victoria Memorial was painted black during WWII. Sometimes a simple conversation with someone about their life experience can be a great way to learn something!

Our human mind can flow easily from one topic to the next. Just as liquids flow, our knowledge constantly moves, changes, and adapts to new information. Liquid Knowledge is the skill that involves taking what you know and applying it in different contexts to gain new perspectives on old problems. Liquid knowledge enables one to move effortlessly from one subject to another without getting stuck in one area. By doing so, you can retain more information and expand your horizons.

As technology has evolved, the world has become an increasingly interconnected space, where information flows quickly and freely across domains and industries. In this new environment, what matters most isn’t just knowledge about a particular subject or skill but rather the ability to think critically, solve problems creatively, collaborate with others from diverse backgrounds, and create innovative solutions that address challenges facing society as a whole. Even though it’s not taught in school, Liquid Knowledge is just as valuable as time management and critical thinking.

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