My ‘Mindful Mondays’ newsletter gives a glimpse of the journey I am taking. I reflect on the lessons, hardships, joys, celebrations, and special moments in my life. Through my writing, I aim to act as a catalyst for action, helping you see yourself more clearly.


I appreciate your interest in joining my mailing list. I am sending you my first newsletter. I planned to share some life lessons and some practical advice that have helped shape my life.

I have started a few micro-habits over the past year, including the ‘Mindful Monday’ newsletter. Over time, micro-habits can be really beneficial. Micro-habits are small activities that require little motivation or effort to begin with. With time, small habits build on top of themselves and lead to something significant.

In my honest opinion, if you do not make steps to make yourself better, you will gradually get worse. Trying something new, even if it is small, is always the key to success. We need to step outside of our comfort zones and leap forward. My goal in starting this newsletter is to learn more about writing and to share my knowledge and experiences with you. It’s a micro habit I’m working on at the moment. 

According to Warren Buffett, writing is one of the key ways in which he refines his thinking. To me, writing is far more than that. I am happier when I am writing. Often, when communicating verbally, I have the tip-of-the-tongue feeling. The act of writing allows me to lay out ideas bare for the readers to see. The act of writing is a private equivalent of friendship, and by expressing ourselves, it keeps us healthy and happy. Wish me luck in continuing this writing habit.

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Once again, thank you for joining my mailing list.



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