Marketers are now trying to understand and adapt to the values of Gen Z. Traditional marketing techniques have failed with this generation because they prioritize core values over huge discounts. Marketers need to change their marketing strategy by understanding the core values of Gen Z and adapting accordingly. Gen Zers are more focused on the value of experiences rather than products. They want to know if they can explore, be entertained, and have a sense of purpose. Authenticity and experimentation are the hallmarks of Gan Z’s desire for change. They don’t only research brands, but also study the culture and values of the people associated with them.

Many brands use Black Friday as an opportunity to promote themselves. But it is increasingly hard to stand out when everyone is doing the same thing. Gen Z is also changing the way we think about Christmas shopping. They are less likely to buy items just for huge offers. For brands and retailers to stay ahead of their competitors and stay relevant to this generational shift, need to find better ways of making themselves stand out during the Black Friday season. In this blog, I have curated 3 unconventional strategies marketers are using to woo Gen Z.

1) Supporting Social Causes

For the fifth year in a row, Kotn, a sustainable clothing brand donated all of its sales to building primary schools in rural Egypt. They have launched a Black Friday campaign for this cause. Kotn will donate 100% of proceeds from every order during Cyber 5.

Most Gen Z aged roughly 10 to 25 years today (1997 – 2012 born). They are more likely to support a cause by donating or buying products that don’t cost much. They are also more likely to share their purchase on social media. This generation is more likely to buy from socially responsible brands. This is because they want to feel like their purchase does some good in the world, even if it’s just a little bit. If a product is competitively priced and has enough information about how the company uses its proceeds, then Gen Z is likely to spend. As purchasing power increases for Gen Z, they would be willing to pay more for a product that they believe will have an impact on the world.

2) A Price Hike on Black Friday

First Insight study found that 73% of Generation Z customers are willing to pay 10% more for sustainable goods. Gen Z is the most environmentally conscious generation to date. They are more aware of sustainability and the consequences of their actions than any other generation before them.

This can be seen in their purchase habits, and in how they view the fashion industry. Gen Z is more likely to buy sustainable products, or buy a product that has been ethically made. The price hike on Black Friday for Gen Z may not have been as big of an issue for this demographic because they are willing to pay more for what they believe in.

With their “Pay It to The Planet” campaign, sustainable shoe company Allbirds set the trend by increasing their pricing by $1 for all products. The price hike is not just for the sake of making more money. It is a way to reduce the amount of waste created by manufacturing. The brand donated an equal amount to environmental causes, matching the extra dollar earned. The company is trying to make a statement about how much waste and pollution is caused by the shoe industry and its conscious effort in reducing carbon footprints.

Gen Z is passionate about conserving the environment, and they are willing to pay more for ecologically sustainable products. However, like everyone else, they also enjoy recognition for their efforts.

3) Reward Eco-Friendly Behavior

The sustainable clothing brand Dai created a Green Friday quiz to encourage Gen Z to be more eco-friendly. The higher a customer’s sustainability score, the bigger discount they receive. Customers are asked about their favorite brands, how often they buy new clothes, what kind of clothes they own, how often they wash them, and whether or not they recycle their clothes at the end of their life cycle. Gen Z feels engaged and recognized and also receives rewards for their efforts.

The company has seen increasing sales every quarter. Its customers are telling in reviews what they want in clothes that are timeless and relevant – garments that reflect their style, not just what’s on trend. The engagement they were able to develop was due to their recognition of the silent activities of their target market.

In this article, I discussed how Brands are creating successful Black Friday promotions to target Gen Z, how not to focus on discounts, and what kind of innovation is needed. In conclusion, it is important to understand that the younger generation is not as interested in discounts and deals as they are in finding brands that share their beliefs. They want to feel like they have gotten something great for their hard-earned money.

Use these tips to create your own successful Black Friday promotion:

  • Target core values of Gen Z by focusing on creativity and innovation.
  • Don’t focus on discounts in this tough economy, but instead offer a great deal with an experience.
  • Be innovative and strike a chord with your target customer.

I hope that you found these tips helpful in creating your own Black Friday promotion.

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